We work with law firms and corporate counsels to execute repetitive and process-driven tasks with high quality standards and substantial cost savings. This enables our customers to focus on higher value adding services. Legal outsourcing combines the use of technology, processes and people to bring tangible business impact for customers. We tailor our solutions to each client’s requirement. While we offer a varietyof legal services such as legal research, document review, preparation of trial and appellate level briefs, drafting of pleadings and paralegal services, we are committed to finding the right solutions for your practice. . Our blended model is capable of delivering high quality products at low cost. Projects can be time line and budget based. Our services include but not limited to    


      ·       Preparation of Pleadings and Briefs

·      Deposition Summaries

·        Appellate Services 

·        Contract Drafting, Review and Analysis 

·        Agreements 

·        Document Review 

·        e-Discovery 

·        Legal Research 


          We have received appreciation from our clients for the quality of the services provided by us in Deposition SummariesLitigation Documents Drafting, Litigation Documents Review and Legal Research




We derive excellence in execution from our focus on maintaining the highest qualitystandards. This is achieved through the adoption of best practices and improvement & optimization of established models and methodologies. We have well established processes to obtain feedback from our clients. This helps us to regularly measure and continuously improve quality standards by the adoption of industry standard techniques.


We provide cost effective legal solutions to law firms without compromising on the quality.  You can save upto 80% of your law firm’s cost by hiring our services. Please contact us for pricing details.


Given the sensitive nature of legal work, clients are always concerned about data security. We have security systems, designated project areas into which non-team members cannot enter, and hi-tech security to keep the data secure on the systems and server.