Real Estate

Want to buy a property?  You must be sure that the person holding out as the Owner of the Property is the real owner and has got marketable title.  In India, succession to property depends upon the personal law of the person concerned. Title investigation is the most important step in the process of buying a property.  We examine the title of the person holding out to be the owner/vendor of the property with reference to the personal law applicable to him and with reference to the revenue records, encumbrance certificate, tax assessment and all other relevant documents and provide you proper legal advice on buying the property and once you decide to buy a property we provide all the required legal documentation service till the completion of the sale transaction. Our professional fee is 1% of the actual sale consideration upto Rs.1 crore and 0.5% on the amount exceeding Rs.1 crore.

Want to sell a property?  You may approach us for finding prospective purchaser/ purchasers  for buying your property at a comparatively better price and we will provide all the required legal documentation service at a reasonable cost.