Legal Documentation

With   many   years  of   dedicated   service   we   offer   quality    legal documentation   service   for our clients in the legal field. The service involves drafting of various legal documents such as legal pleadings, legal agreements and memoranda.

Benefit from Quality Legal Documentation Services

Our Legal documentation services include drafting and processing of the following documents

§Partnership agreements

§Power of attorney

§Client letters

§Warranty deed

§Shareholder agreement

§Employment contract

§Lease notice

§Court proceedings

§Release agreement


We update existing legal documents to incorporate recent legal amendments and changes. All our legal services are managed by qualified and experienced legal professionals.


We also undertake other legal document preparation services such as:

§Document scanning and image capture

§Legal coding of documents

§Review of documents

§Legal transcription

§Legal research documentation


The Advantage

We function in a digitalized environment.  Our turnaround time can be as low as 24 hours depending upon the client's requirements.