At PR ASSOCIATES we are focused on offering our clients more than skilled courtroom representation. We believe in our responsibility to be both attorneys and counselors in law. Our lead attorney Mr.P.Rajendran has learned during his three decades of experience that the most empowering way to help clients is to help them solve both their legal problems and the underlying personal struggles that brought those legal problems about.

           In the field of education several types of litigation may arise. Parents may have to approach the court of law when their children are denied admission in educational institutions on untenable grounds. In some cases, courts may have to intervene if the educational institutions violate the Government’s regulations in the matter of fee fixation. Some times, students may have to approach the courts if they are suspended or dismissed from their institutions or debarred from writing the examinations.  We have handled a number of cases of these types and we do have expertise in this field.

        If you or someone you love needs help with educational matters you may contact us.