For couples facing divorce, the amount of child and spousal support or alimony they will receive or will need to provide is a top concern.

Both child and spousal support are calculated based on income, employment, and other factors. To navigate within the legal guidelines, ambiguities, special circumstances, and individual concerns, people require the expertise of an experienced child / spousal support attorney.

Our attorneys are available to advise you on your options and help negotiate a fair resolution for your family.

A spousal support award, sometimes known as alimony, is made on the basis of several factors. The factors considered include, but are not limited to, the respective incomes of the parties, relative education levels, relative health, standard of living of the parties, duration of the marriage, retirement benefits, tax consequences of an award and any other factors that the court deems relevant and equitable.

We have litigated many spousal support cases. We represent both the potential payer and payee in spousal support cases and have the experience necessary to achieve the most beneficial results possible for our clients.